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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ezine Articles: Why Netrepreneurs Must Have Them

I have always been fascinated with what ezine articles can do for online business owners and, of course, their business. And I say that it is one mean marketing machine -- in a nice way, that is. Here are some reasons why an online biz owner can’t afford not to have at least one ezine article:

Establish authority (almost) instantaneously

Getting accepted and published in authority article directories like can in an instant establish and boost your and your business credibility online. Credibility is an important commodity for many online writers, especially those who are in the business of writing for others. With a published ezine article, your readers and potential customers can instantaneously access your portfolio, review your work, and essentially assess your value to them and their business.

Advertise what you can do -- without really bragging

Online business is all about relationships -- even though you hardly know the people you are dealing with. And because online businesses rely heavily on words, netrepreneurs need to constantly reinforce their message to get across people they can’t see but whose lives they can trust. Submitting your ezine content to an established article directory does this for you.

As you become a well regarded netrepreneur in a high ranking article directory, your articles reinforce your value to your prospects’ and customers’ mind. Value is one of the most, well, valued commodity online, it is a priced asset netrepreneurs work so hard for to achieve. Alongside trust, value isn’t something you can pay for online. Unlike backlinks, trust and value are two things that can’t be done in a day, not even in a month. Article marketing is one the very first steps a netrepreneur must take in building trust and creating value.

Lure millions to your site, plus some really unexpected visitors

Writing articles for ezine is one of the best investments a netrepreneur can make. One of the reasons why is that authority article directories like are viewed by millions of more often than not qualified visitors who are ready to purchase or hire professionals.
Another reason why I encourage netrepreneurs to have articles for ezines is because of its exponential possibilities. are visited by hundred of thousands of ezine publishers that choose and reprint quality articles for their websites or email newsletter. Ezine publishers maintain the structure of the articles and most importantly credit the author. In return, you, as the author, are introduced to all of their subscribers and email list members. Imagine if the ezine publisher that has reprinted your article has at least 1,000 subscribers. This means an additional 1,000 potential readers or customers for your business.

These are just three -- but really compelling -- reasons why netrepreneurs should invest on articles for ezines. Surge of traffic, establish value, and create top of the mind awareness are three of the most difficult goals netrepreneurs face in building their business. And all three can be achieved with articles for ezines.

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