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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Online Shopping Guide Makes Selling Easy

Though we know our decision is right, or at least logical, we, more often than not, find ourselves consulting others, hoping that they’ll nod as a sign of their confirmation. Online shopping guides are like the most likely person we’ll run to, whenever we’re fidgeting and wondering if we are doing the right thing. That's why it remains to be a good blog topic. 

Even the wisest of people have some sort of adviser, whether a close friend or columnist they hardly even know. Online shopping guides invest in this habit, a conventional pattern of consumers whenever they are ready to spend, and throw money away.

Ebay and, two giants of the retail industry, two companies who know what online shopping guides are and what it can do for their business. When it comes to business, sometimes online biz owners need to be straightforward to their customers, to tell them what they really need and what they even want. Why? Because you are competing against companies who throw millions of dollars every year in their ad budget.

“Even the most experienced shopper enjoys thumbing through a Zagat or Berlitz shopping guide every now and then, in the hopes of picking up a retail tip,” says Ellen Tien of New York Times.

Subtle and suggestions do not work these days. Be frank and be honest. That is the formula to selling to and winning your customers.

Think subliminal messages work these days? works differently. What encourages and even leads their customers to their shopping carts are their frank and honest reviews about what works and what doesn’t. Educating their customers about what is best for them is better than hinting them to buy items that they won’t need anyway. By simply being honest, online business owners can and will achieve one precious commodity that is difficult to find online: Trust.

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